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September 2021 Newsletter

Welcome back

We would like to welcome back all our parents and
children after the summer break! It is lovely to see
you all. We are proud of the team here at Banana
Moon in Southwark, everyone is preparing to
provide the very best care and learning experiences
for your child this term. Our nursery values are
based upon putting children at the heart of
everything that we do, and this is represented in
our interactions with children, our planned
learning, and the environment.

Settling in

Please remember that transition is a process, not an event. Over the coming weeks your child may express a
range of emotions about being here, and away from you, even for those children who are returning to a
relatively familiar space. I can personally assure you that the staff are experienced with supporting children in
settling in. Please speak to your child’s key person if you have any concerns


Sadly, we have said Goodbye to Giuseppina who was working in our Full Moons
room as a Nursery Assistant. She will be moving onto working with young adults
with Special Educational Needs, we wish her all the best as she will be missed by
the whole Banana Moon Team.

Gulsah, the Manager/ Director has given birth to a healthy boy, Zayan who is now
three weeks old!!

Gentle reminders

• Please if all parents can fold down their buggies/prams when dropping off their children.
• Please if you could send family photos if you haven’t already to the nursery email address to be
added onto the family trees inside your child’s room.
• Feel free to use the instant messenger on the Blossom app to contact your child’s keyworker
• If you could ensure when you are dropping your child off at the nursery, you are not all crowding
in front of the main door at once to avoid any accidents.

Baby Moons

This month our Baby Moons have been exploring
sound, the babies have been joining in with group
music sessions where they get to experiment
sounds made by various musical instruments. Our
babies enjoy slithering, crawling, and walking to
access the different shakers in the baskets, using
their hands to reach out and pick up an instrument
of their choice. We also have introduced plenty of
new interactive resources for our babies. They are
enjoying exploring the lights and sounds. We will
have Lauren, our new music teacher come in on a
weekly basis to do 1 hour of music and dance with
our babies.

Mini/ Full Moons

In the Mini Moons room, the children have enjoyed
exploring their mathematical development in
number, size, space, and quantity. This has been
mainly developed through rich experiences in our
Mini Moons Shop. We have explored being a
‘shopkeeper’, ‘chefs’ and ‘workers’. We have been
developing our social skills through shared
experiences in role-play with dolls and babies
imitating real life experiences. We have been very
sensory using flour, paints and playdough to
explore our senses through smell and touch with
spices, herbs and seasonings. To develop the
children’s independence in self-help skills we have
been practicing using the potty and toilet.

Weather and Spare Clothes

The weather is changing now, please
ensure children are dressed warmly and
bring in coats, waterproofs, wellies so
they can continue to enjoy outdoors as
the weather changes.

Please ensure your child has plenty of
change of clothes as mud is a more likely
conclusion to the outside play as the
weather grows wetter. And for those
little toddlers who are potty training,
please ensure there are plenty of change
of clothes because accidents do occur.

Upcoming dates for your diary

• 20th- 26th September is Recycle Week and we have plenty of activities planned for our children to 
have a better understanding of our environment. 
• Extra Curriculum Dance and Music sessions every Tuesday this term.
• Extra Curriculum Yoga sessions every Wednesday this term.

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