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October 2021 Newsletter

Firstly, we would like to give a warm welcome to all the new children who have started here at Banana Moon Southwark over the past few weeks! 
This month we will be celebrating ‘Black History Month’ across the nursery through music and dance along with a range of cooking activities. The children will be able to create simple cultural dishes from around the world to share with family and friends. Ricardo our nursery Chef will be serving a special menu for the week commencing 18th of October.

We would love it if parents could send their children in wearing traditional clothing to get the celebrations started!
What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage:
The Department for Education has published a new guide for parents - 'What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage' which guides parents through what to expect with their child’s learning and development. It aligns with the new ‘Development Matters’ to support parent partnership about their child’s overall development within the setting. Please find this document attached.

Upcoming events for your dairy
·         16th October 2021 – World Food Day
·         21st October 2021 – Apple Day
·         31st October 2021 – Halloween
·         Autumn Half Term – Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October – All funded only children OFF

Baby Moons
Baby Moons have developed many new skills! The younger babies in the room continue to develop their physical moving and handling skills. The Early Years Professionals have been encouraging the children to access our walkers to strengthen their leg muscles, gaining that extra confidence needed in order to take their first independent steps! The Early Years Professionals are focusing on enhancing the children’s language and communication. Many of our children are now beginning to communicate effectively with their peers and staff within the room, which is lovely to see. The children participate in various sensory activities where they are able to use simple describing words when speaking about textures and colours.

Mini Moons  
The Mini Moons have been engaging in sensory experiences with leaves, sticks and textured plants with autumnal colours as they have been exploring the autumn theme. They have enjoyed going on nature walks to the local playground to pick their very own natural resources. The Mini Moons children have also taken great interest in the weekly yoga sessions. They love imitating animal sounds and poses by stretching their bodies. It has helped their flexibility and hand-eye coordination.

Full Moons
Full Moons have been developing their knowledge in the learning area Understanding the World. They are currently exploring historical inventors along with other inspirational people. They have read many factual stories, taken part in group discussions and activities based upon these people. The Full Moons have now become inventors of their own! They have created a display board to highlight their favourite historical figures including ‘Garret Morgan’ and ‘Thomas Edison’.

Gentle Reminders
·         Please can parents fold down their buggies when dropping off their children
·         Parents, please ensure that you label your child’s clothes, nappies and wipes.
·         Could all parents kindly cut their children’s nails to avoid any accidents. 
·         For those that have not already, please can you send us your family photos to add onto our family display board. 😊

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