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November 2021 Newsletter

Happy Diwali to many of our families!                                                                     

The children have been learning about this festival by taking part in different learning experiences. They have listened to stories, explored light and have learnt new words such as ‘Lakshmi’ who is the Goddess of wealth and fortune.

Baby Moons
In our Baby Moons room, we have been focussing on Language and Communication Development. Many of our babies are now communicating with their peers and the staff team in the room, and this is lovely to see. Staff have been encouraging language development through use of sensory activities, describing different colours and textures, and using simple language. We also have new ‘What’s in the bag?” games for our Baby Moons which encourages their use of single words. They reach into the bag and pull out an object of choice, and will babble or name what they have chosen.     

Upcoming events for your dairy
·         4th November 2021 – Diwali
·         5th November 2021 – Bon Fire Night
·         11th November 2021 – Remembrance Sunday
·         15th – 19th November 2021 – Anti Bullying Week
·         15th – 19th November 2021 – World Nursery Rhyme Week

Mini Moons 
The Mini Moons children have been enjoying role play using real life experiences through play such as dressing up. They have taken an interest in various occupations, in particular the role of doctors where they have learnt to care for one another. The children participated in a group discussion speaking about how they feel when unwell or have hurt themselves.
The children have created their very own firework displays using cotton buds and their fingers for Bonfire night! They enjoyed getting their hands wet and sticky whilst using a variety of coloured paints to mark make fireworks.

Full Moons 
The Full Moons have been developing their understanding of Maths focusing on numbers, shape, space and measure both indoors and outdoors. They have been looking at shapes in the environment, learning about space through games such as musical statues and numbers by singing counting songs. Overall, the preschool children are progressing very well in this area, we will continue to support them in order to achieve their milestones.

Gentle Reminders
· Please can parents fold down their buggies when dropping off their children. 
· Parents, please ensure that you label your child’s clothes, nappies and wipes. 
· Could all parents kindly cut their children’s nails to avoid any accidents.
· For those that have not already, please can you send us your family photos to add onto our family display board. 😊   

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