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Newsletter May 2022

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing bank holiday weekend with all of your families. We would like to say Eid Mubarak to all of the children and families that have been celebrating this week. At the moment the weather is glorious and so the children are getting to spend more time outdoors in the morning and the afternoon, please remember to send your children into nursery with appropriate clothing and sun hats. We continue to apply sun cream before we take the children outdoors but of course feel free to put sun cream on at home as well before coming to the nursery. 

We would also like to welcome the new children and their families who have started our nursery in the Baby and Teenie Moons rooms this month. 

Upcoming events at Banana Moon
Water saving week – 23rd May to 27th May 2022 – Climate change is ushering in long periods of dry weather and combined with population growth and changes in lifestyle, has led to growing pressure being put on our water supplies. This is why we need to save water. 

National Sun Awareness Week – 2nd May to 8th May 2022 – We will be raising awareness of the dangers of excessive sun exposure and how to avoid sunburn and skin cancers.

National Children’s Day – 15th May 2022 – National Children’s Day UK is all about the importance of a healthy childhood and protecting the rights and freedoms of children so that they can grow into happy, healthy adults. 

National Numeracy Day – 18th May 2022 – An annual celebration of the importance of numbers in everyday life and will bring together individuals, employers, educators and influencers to improve 

Important dates for your diary
Summer Half Term – 30th May to 3rd June 2022 – The nursery is closed for all funded children
Spring Bank Holiday – Thursday 2nd June 2022 – Nursery is closed for all children
Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday – Friday 3rd June 2022 – Nursery is closed for all children

Parent meetings
We will be holding parent meetings in person and virtually on 30th, 31st of May 2022 and June 1st. The Room Leaders and Early Years Professionals will inform you during drop offs and handover about the different slots available and book you in to have a short meeting with your child’s keyworkers to discuss their progress and development.

Baby Moons
This month our Baby Moons have been focusing on the importance of their holistic development. Baby Moons have been having lots of fun exploring their senses and experimenting with a range of resources to support their fine and gross motor skills. They will be exploring ice to see how it feels and will be encouraged to make sounds as well as single words such as cold, wet & slippery during their play. Baby Moons have started to squash, squeeze, shake, pour as well as manipulate a range of sensory bags and bottles filled with different colours and resources such as paint, foam, and rice.

Teenie/Mini Moons
This month our Teenie/Mini Moons have been busy exploring colour and shape through various colour and shape sorting activities in the different areas of the room. We have been working on identifying and naming the colours using fruit and vegetables in the different areas, construction items and puzzles, fitting shapes into the correct space on inset boards. We have developed our physical moving and handling area further by making the area bigger, providing the children with more opportunities to strengthen their muscles whilst climbing on, over and under the obstacles put in place. Outside we have been enjoying large movement activities with the use of large balls, cones, and obstacle courses using our special exercise ladder! We continue to have fun whilst learning through play.

Mini/Full Moons
In the Mini/Full Moons Room, the children have been exploring a range of different natural and heuristic resources. For example, different sized wooden panels with letters and numbers on, making their own sensory boards, exploring glass painting along with pebbles. The children have been learning the different ways they can manipulate, be imaginative as well as incorporating these resources into their play, especially in role play areas. The children have been learning about being ‘Global Citizens’, where there have been discussions about how they see themselves and others, learning about different cultures, traditions and countries around the world whilst doing lots of fun and creative activities! Lastly, the children have enjoyed developing their understanding further in mathematical development with shapes, length and numbers using rulers, string and scissors.

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