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Newsletter March 2022

The World Book Day was a real success with all the wonderful costumes worn by the children and staff. It really did inspire the children to talk about their favourite books and look at the variety of books we have at the nursery. thank you to all the staff and parents that helped us fundraise a wonderful £110 for a great cause. We hope everyone is able to use their £1 voucher that was given out to collect their free book. 😊

Upcoming events 
British Science Week is from the 11th to 20th March 2022. The preschool children will have access to lots of science experiments and activities. We are really looking forward to this!  
Autism Awareness Week 23rd March to 4th April. We will be creating an autistic child’s week at nursery with lots of sensitive sensory routine activities throughout the week.
World Oral Health Day is on the 20th march and the children will be learning all about oral health and hygiene. 

Important dates for your diary
·         International Women’s Day – 8th March
·         Saint Patricks Day – 17th March
·         Red Nose Day – 18th March
·         Mother’s Day – 23rd March
·         The nursery will be closed to all term time and 15-hour funding children from 4th April to 18th April 
·         Bank Holidays - Good Friday – Friday 15th April and Easter Monday – Monday 18th April – nursery closed for all

Baby Moons 
This month the Baby Moons have been exploring their fine motor skills as well as crawling, cruising and walking around the room. We have focused on their fine motor skills by exploring and making messy play, some have started to show which hand is dominant and others have demonstrated reaching for toys with two hands, using their whole hand to grasp toys. The Baby Moons has also started a new adventure with their cuddly friend; "Charlie the bear" who will get to spend the weekend with the children to explore and capture their WOW moments!

Teenie/Mini Moons 
This month our Teenie/Mini Moons have been getting lots of support with understanding how to deal with their own emotions, and the emotions of others too. We have been sharing lots of songs, rhymes and stories encouraging turn taking and being ‘Kind’ to one another. They continue to enjoy our daily outdoor sessions to the MUGA where they get to experiment with various outdoor equipment, footballs- both large and small, various coloured cones, skipping ropes, and small tennis rackets, extending their physical moving and handling skills.

Mini/Full Moons
In the Mini/Full Moons room, the children have been learning about ‘Space and Planets of the Solar System’. They have been exploring astronauts, rockets, shuttles and other resources along with the story about ‘The Man on the Moon’ - Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. The children have learnt different types of vocabulary in association with space, which is where ‘Planets’ as an extension of the children’s learning came into it. They have enjoyed learning about the different planets which make up the Solar System along with songs to help them in remembering the names! The children have continued to develop their understanding of self and others through acts of kindness and understanding both ourselves and others’ emotions, also what we can do to make ourselves and others feel better and happier. Lastly, the children have been exploring lots of different mathematical activities such as playing ‘Jenga’ with miniature wooden blocks and designing their own ‘Mosaics’.

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