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Newsletter February 2022

We hope you had a great January! The children have had lots of fun this month at nursery learning all about themselves and their family and have made some beautiful art work for displays. The children will be learning all about everything international this coming month and doing some fun art work for Valentine’s Day. Thank you to all the parents that sent their children to the nursery in their favourite story characters to celebrate Storytelling week. 😊

We are keen to share with you the progress your child is making in their learning and development at Banana Moon. Our Learning and Development curriculum has now gone live on the parent app and you will receive updates on milestones that your child has achieved. 
If you require a cake for your child’s birthday, please ensure you are giving us at least 2 days’ notice. There have been lots of requests to bring in party bags for the children, during these current circumstances we feel it’s best to avoid transferring items between different households.
Children’s mental health week 
This week is children’s mental health week and we have been working alongside the children to ensure they feel happy, safe and are given the opportunities to express themselves and their emotions. They have taken part in activities based around health, as well as discussions about what makes them unique and different. 
Upcoming events for your dairy and important dates       
Houseplant week – 10th to 16th February         
Valentines Day – 14th February
International Mother Tongue Language Week – 21st February       
Spring half term from Monday 14th February to Friday 18th February 2022   

Baby Moons
This month the Baby Moons have been exploring the three primary colours Blue, Red and Yellow. They have enjoyed doing this through their daily messy play, exploring a variety of textures. The Baby Moons have been celebrating Chinese New Year, using a range of mark making materials. We have also been welcoming new babies to our room and have made positive changes to the room to allow full access to all areas and activities, providing more opportunities for the younger babies to explore the room through cruising, baby walkers or the help of their teachers.

Teenie/Mini Moons 
This month our Teenie Moons have been busy making sensory bottles filled with water, sensory beads and various colours. We looked at different textures, expanding the children's language and vocabulary. We also looked at shape and size, using large bottles and small bottles. In our exploration trays we have been exploring various messy play from cornflour play to play dough, water with different colours and paints. The Teenie Moons have enjoyed using their hands to shape and mould the dough, and make marks on paper using paint dabbers and crayons. They even made beautiful lanterns filled with various bright colours for Chinese New Year. And we dressed up as our favourite book characters for World Book Character Week!

Full Moons  
In the Mini/Full Moons room the children have been learning about the 'Human Body' - Identifying body parts, organs and discussing what they do and the functions. 'The Solar System' - Identifying planets and its properties and 'Space' - Using rockets and astronauts to learn about 'Space'. The children have learnt about the 'Man on the Moon' who was Neil Armstrong who walked on the Moon in July 1969 and has re-created their own version using different types of resources and their bodies to move in slow motion just like the 'Man on the Moon'. The children have been developing their fine manipulative skills by using different types of scissors to cut through catalogues and magazines. The children have been developing their mathematical skills through a range of different learning experiences such as threading, puzzles, counting objects and emerging in their understanding of knowing how much is left if something is taken away.

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