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Newsletter April 2022

Spring is here! It’s surprising how quickly the months are flying by and the children are growing so quickly. This time of the year brings new adventure with flowers and sunshine so we will be spending much more time outdoors and be going for short walks in the local community. We would like to welcome our new families that have joined Banana Moon - we will make sure that your children have great care, make new friendships and spend an amazing time with us. The Summer Term is usually our busiest in the school calendar with new friends and lots of lovely opportunities for the children…

Banana Moon Early Learning and Development Programme

The Banana Moon Learning & Development Programme is our own inclusive curriculum which is designed to ensure all children’s individual needs are identified quickly and effectively through observation, information gathered from parents and where appropriate external agencies. The assessment process has been linked to developmental milestones ensuring any child falling behind can receive early intervention.

Children with additional needs, including those with English as an Additional Language will be given the support they need through specific focused planning, early years professionals will attend training and professional development to support any gaps in their knowledge to ensure high quality practice is in place. Vulnerable children and families will be given individual support based on their own circumstances and without prejudice. Above all, children will be listened to and will be the driving force in their own learning. Their voices will be heard, their needs met and their challenges supported. The Banana Moon Learning and Development Programme is more than just a curriculum, it is the foundation for a successful future. Please have a little read through our curriculum which is attached to this newsletter.

Important dates for your diary
·         Ramadan – 1st April to May 2nd
·         World Health Day – April 7th 
·         Good Friday – Friday 15th April and Easter Monday – Monday 18th April – nursery closed for all
·         Earth Day – 22nd April - We will be making lots of arts and crafts with recyclable items
·         St Georges Day – 23rd April – All staff will be wearing something red and doing lots of activities for this celebration including making flags, George and the dragon posters and other British related activities
·         Eid Al-Fitr – May 2nd to 3rd

Baby Moons
This month our Baby Moons have been getting lots of support with their physical development around the room, crawling and cruising to each activity as well as exploring the outdoors with walkers and support from the staff. We have also been enjoying singing nursery rhymes and listening to stories for World Book Day. We have had loads of new sensory books in our room and the adults are enjoying reading these to the children using different props, puppets and sensory materials. The Baby moons have been exploring wicker treasure baskets with a range of resources in each one, soft toys, shiny objects, brushes, cause and effect toys and real foods. Throughout April we will encourage our babies to do lots of food tasting in our tough trays using their hands, fingers and spoons. We look forward to this!

Teenie/Mini Moons 
This month our Teenie Moons have been enjoying lots of Physical play in both their indoor and outdoor environments. We have adapted the room to extend the children's moving and handling skills, adding more climbing equipment and obstacles such as tyres. The children are having lots of fun whilst building on their balance and control when moving up, down, over and through the obstacles and climbing equipment. Outdoors the children participate in obstacle courses, ball games and parachute games, building on their social skills. We are working on their fine and gross motor development by providing the children with lots of sensory and expressive arts materials, such as playdough, cornflour, paints, crayons and paint dabbers. This provides a stepping stone for Early Writing development. 

Mini/Full Moons

In the Mini/Full Moons room, the children have been exploring all things ‘Nature’ as it coincides with the children showing an interest in ‘Spring’. They learnt all about the growth cycle of ‘Plants and Flowers’ and in that the children grew their own cress and runner beans which they all thoroughly enjoyed! As an extension of this, the children then explored tree and leaf rubbing activities, finishing off their interest by doing observational drawings of plants at nursery.
The children have loved exploring and learning about the different types of festivals celebrated such as ‘Red Nose Day’, ‘Acts of Kindness Day’, ‘International Women’s Day’ and ‘Science Week’ just to name a few where the children got creative and sensory with their play.
Before we know it, our big girls and boys will be leaving us to start Reception Class in Primary School! If you could please inform the nursery if your child has been accepted into school and which school it is so we can work in partnership with your child’s new teacher and transfer the relevant documents and reports.

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