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June 2021 Newsletter


First of all, we would like to thank all of the parents that joined the virtual meetings with their child’s keyworkers or the Room Leaders via Zoom, we hope this met up to your standard and we do hope next time this can be a face-to-face meeting! 
Across the whole setting, the staff team have been working hard with all the children to promote their resilience. This may be through talking about and exploring our emotions and how they make us feel, or through staff interaction with the children, making them feel loved, safe, and secure while at nursery. The impact of the pandemic on our children is not always possible to see. Children find it hard to understand what they are experiencing and why, and often observe other people’s reactions and behaviours to different situations which may be confusing or worrying. As life continues to resume to some normality over the coming months (fingers crossed) we will be increasing our focus on emotional wellbeing and resilience. Below you can see some photos of the children exploring their rooms!


The children that will be going to school in September 2021 will have a Graduation Ceremony and party on Saturday 10th July 2021. This year we have a large number of children going to ‘big school’ and with the restrictions still not easing indoors, unfortunately parents will not be able to attend this year. We kindly ask for you to bring your children to the nursery on this day at 11am and collect them at 1pm. They will have lunch served with their friends, plenty of entertainment and beautiful photos in their gowns which will be shared with all the parents. 😊

Upcoming dates for your diary and reminders

·         Healthy Eating week from 14th June to 20th June 2021
·         Father’s Day on 20th June 2021
·         Please if you could ensure you return the sun cream letters and ensure your child is wearing clothes to go outdoors in with sun hats if possible. 😊

Baby Moons

Baby Moons have been focusing on their sensory exploration. They have enjoyed crawling and walking in and out of the blue trays filled with various resources to stimulate all of their senses. They have enjoyed touching and tasting custard powder, whipped cream, spaghetti, flour as well as the natural properties of sand and water! We have just finished our sensory display board and the babies have had great fun pulling themselves up towards the board and feeling the different materials there - Clare (Room Leader)
Mini Moons

Mini Moons have been exploring ‘colours’ – mixing primary colours along to the song ‘Colours of the Rainbow’. The children actively choose which colours they want to paint with, play in the water with and have sensory experiences with. We have also been exploring minibeast such as ‘Salamanders’, ‘Tadpoles’ and ‘Pond Skaters’ as we talk about the life cycle and the natural world. We have explored our new Learning and Development programme where we have encouraged a range of natural/household materials and resources in the room to explore the children’s imagination – Carla (Room Leader)
Full Moons

Full moons have taken a great interest in learning about the solar system and different planets. They recreated planets of their own using paper mâché that they will display in their room once completed. To help remember each planet, the children have discovered a new song and dance. It is important to us that all children and families feel welcomed, valued and safe within our care. Therefore, we have been focusing on ways that we can promote ‘British Values’ in our full moons room. We are working on promoting mutual respect by speaking to others politely. Staff are positive role models for the children in the room who copy the mannerisms they see. We will be celebrating upcoming religious events and festivals through various activities – Aisha (Room Leader)


Just a reminder to all parents as per the medication policy, all medication must be prescribed by the doctors and clearly state your child's name and date of birth. All children must be on prescribed medication at least 24 hours before returning to nursery, in case of any allergic reaction that may occur. There is a list of over-the-counter medication that we also accept as long as we receive a proof of purchase. Please have a read through this policy and thank you for your cooperation.

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