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July 2021 Newsletter


Firstly, we would just like to say farewell to the children that will be graduating this month! We are sad to see you all leave, however it’s great to see that you’re all prepared for the next phase in life ‘Big School’. You will all truly be missed and we wish you all the best! 😊 

Baby Moons

Baby Moons have been focusing on their physical development in the ‘moving and handling’ area. We have added additional features to the room for the babies to climb through, units and up steps to enhance their gross motor skills. Our babies are growing stronger and are able to get around the room by shuffling on their fronts, crawling and walking. We are continuing to carry out sensory and creative play, looking at different colours using paint dabbers to create marks. We have used various sensory materials and coloured water to create our very own sensory bottles for the babies to explore. The babies are enjoying messy play in the large tough trays where they can access different textures. Clare (Room Leader)

Mini Moons

Mini Moons have been practicing counting, exploring shapes, space and measure in the form of cutting fruits, sharing playdough, making hard slime and singing number songs to promote the children's mathematical development.
To promote the children's physical development, we have been playing hockey, football and Tennis to develop their fine, gross, and hand-eye co-ordination. Whilst developing their independence in becoming big boys and girls, they have been learning how to use the toilet and potty. The Early Years Professionals have been actively encouraging this step in the children’s development making it as fun as possible! We have been supporting this milestone by speaking about it throughout the day, singing songs, reading stories and using a comforter, such as a teddy bear or baby doll to keep them company. – Carla (Room Leader)

Full Moons

Full moons have been discussing different types of transitions that may occur. We have been focusing on school transitions as we have many children who will be leaving us for school this month. It is completely normal for them to feel slightly nervous or find it difficult to adapt in new situations so it is vital that we are preparing our children for their next steps. The Early Years Professionals have been speaking to the children about what to expect when they will go on to ‘Big School’. They have informed the children about building relationships with their new teacher and classmates, wearing school uniform and following a structured routine. We have read interactive stories based on transitions, such as going to school, moving house and becoming an older brother or sister. We have recently brought a new computer that the children are able to access throughout the day with adult support. The children are now able to complete simple ICT programs that are appropriate for their age. – Aisha (Room Leader) 

Staff News

Congratulations to Gulsah Bellikli the Nursery Manager who is expecting her first child! Her last day at the nursery before going on maternity leave will be on the 30th July 2021. She will be returning back on the 1st December 2021. 
Our Deputy Manager Aisha Samuel will be Acting Manager whilst Gulsah is on maternity leave. If you need to contact the nursery for any given reason, she will be your first line of contact.   
Carla Simpson has been working as a Room Leader at our setting for the past 3 years and we are happy to announce that she will be acting as Deputy Manager.
Dilan Cam will be taking on the role as Acting Room Leader in the Full Moons room. Dilan has over 3 years room leader experience in her previous setting and would like to continue to share her knowledge and new ideas with the team.

Upcoming dates for your diary and reminders

·         Eid is on the 20th July 2021 and we will be celebrating with all of our children!
·         Would all parents kindly be able to fold down their children’s buggies when placing them in the buggy shed.
·         The summer holidays start on Friday 23rd July 2021 which means all funded children will be off and will return to the nursery on Wednesday 1st September 2021.
·         Can parents please ensure that they are cutting their children’s nails to avoid any accidents. 
·         Face coverings will now be optional for parents when dropping off and collecting their child.

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