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August 2021 Newsletter

We hope everyone is enjoy their summer break! 😊 
This month we would like to share with you what our Baby Moons, Mini Moons and Full Moons have been focusing on in corelation to our new learning and development programme, as we have revamped our rooms and brought in many new resources and real-life objects to give the children playful learning experiences they deserve.

Baby Moons
Baby Moons have been promoting a love of books We believe that it is important to promote a love of reading from an early age. Our baby moons enjoy sharing stories with the early years’ professionals in the room. They are encouraged to use all of their senses to touch and feel the different textures on the books, and creating various sounds. - Clare (Room Leader)
Mini Moons
Mini Moons have been learning and discovering about the different types of mini beasts seen within the local community. During walks to the park, using their magnifying glasses they have spotted snails, slugs, worms, butterflies and armies of ants! The Early Years Professionals have spoken to the children about life cycles, growth decay and changes for plants, animals and natural objects over time. The children have developed an understanding of these processes and now show care and concern for living things. – Carla (Room Leader)

Full Moons 
Full Moons have been focusing on road safety as many of our children have shown interest in vehicles and different types of transportation. The first five years of a child’s life are pivotal to habits that may last a lifetime! Therefore, it is important that our children are introduced to rad safety during their early years. Our early years professionals have embedded the “stop”, “look”, “listen” technique to help improve the children’s spatial awareness when going out for local walks. - Aisha (Room Leader) 

The Learning and Development Programme
The Banana Moon Learning & Development Programme is designed to ensure all children’s individual needs are identified quickly and effectively through observation, information gathered from parents. The programme is built on five principles that wrap around the child to reflect the importance of a holistic approach to learning and development. The principles guide practice ensures all early year’s professionals are prepared to support individual children on their development journey. 
The programme will allow children to be active participants in leading their own learning. It will allow prior knowledge and experiences to be scaffolded, giving children the opportunity to build upon what they know through a range of playful learning experiences. Learning will be situated in the joyful world of a child and not in the world dominated by adults. The magic of play and children’s natural fascinations will be the starting point for planning and assessment. The focus for the grown-ups in this re-imagined early years world will be to ensure that there are lots of opportunities for children to develop the skills they need to make good progress in all areas of development.
We have attached a short guide for parents to view with a breakdown of the overall learning and development programme for each room. If you have any further questions on the new learning and development curriculum, please feel free to speak with your child’s room leader or member of the management team.

Upcoming dates for your diary and reminders
·         16th August 2021 is National Tell a Joke Day.
·         Would all parents kindly be able to fold down their children’s buggies when placing them in the buggy shed.
·         Face coverings will now be optional for parents when dropping off and collecting their child.
·         Baby Moon parents will be able to enter the building through the office entrance using the biometrics system.


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