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April 2021 Newsletter

Happy Spring! Much is going on here at Banana Moon and we are excited to share it with you! This month we continue our learning of investigating animal life. Spring has begun and we can tell, as the weather gets warmer, we are so excited to take our children out more often to enjoy the sunshine to all of our local surroundings! We enjoy visiting Mint Street Playground, Little Dorrits’ Park and the Red British Pond. 
We have tons of fun things for this month that the children will be doing outdoors as the weather is officially brightening up and allowing us to go outside more and more! The various outdoor activities will be shared on the Blossom app, so keep an eye out on all the fun things your children are doing! This month is just what we all need to get in the mood for summer and prepare for all the warm and brighter days to come! 😊
We are excited to share our lovely new sensory room which will support all the children’s diverse needs throughout the day with our latest sensory equipment and resources. We enjoy small group games in this area of the nursery and supports children in expressing themselves with the lights and mood resources.

The Banana Moon Early Learning and Development Programme
Banana Moon in Southwark have been chosen out of the 58 nurseries to trial a new pilot scheme for the next 6 weeks amongst another 8 settings. We are really excited and feel privileged to be a part of this pilot! The Banana Moon Early Learning and Development Programme is designed with Banana Moon children, families and early years professionals at its core. The programme is built on five principles that wrap around the child to reflect the importance of a holistic approach to learning and development. The principles guide practice and ensure all early years professionals are prepared to support individual children on their developmental journey. 
The programme will allow children to be active participants in leading their own learning. It will allow prior knowledge and experiences to be scaffolded, giving children the opportunity to build upon what they know through a range of playful learning experiences.
We would love our parents to be a part of this new programme and support us in bringing in any furniture/ resources around the house that you are no longer using (just no plastic please). Some examples are below:
·         ICT or any forms of technology - remote controls, CD players, old phones, keyboards, mouse, calculators, clocks
·         Loose parts - natural resources, wicker/ treasure baskets
·         Home corner resources - mirrors, lamps, jars, wooden resources, kitchen utensils. 
Parents Meetings
Progress meetings will be held between 24th May and 4th June where you will have a 15-to-20-minute time slot to discuss your child’s learning and development. The Room Leader’s will book in dates and time slots with you during drop off and pick up times. All meetings will be conducted virtually via ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’.  

Upcoming dates for your diary

Bank Holiday is on 3rd May and 31st May (Nursery is closed)
National Sun Awareness Week – 3rd May to 9th May, we will be raising awareness of the dangers of excessive sun exposure and how to avoid sunburn and skin cancers.
May Half Term – 31st May to 4th June (Funded ONLY children will be off

Gentle reminders

·         Please if you could label your children’s spare clothes that you bring to nursery to ensure that clothes do not get mixed up once brought into the rooms.
·         All nappies, wipes and clothes should be put in to plastic, wipeable bags only and not handed to the staff members hands. 
·         Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! 👍

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