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Excellence in Children’s Day Care

The emphasis at Banana Moon is to see everything from a parent’s point of view. We appreciate we are being entrusted with the care of your most precious possessions, therefore we have created a caring, loving and secure environment for children from 0 to 5 years of age.

Welcome to Banana Moon Day Nursery Southwark

Welcome to Banana Moon Southwark! Close to the heart of the cosmopolitan capital city of London, this Nursery epitomises what London represents and that’s diversity, inclusion, culture and innovation. The award-winning Directorship here at Banana Moon Southwark are a vibrant group that are hands on in ensuring the very best practices are provided to children and families that come to the Nursery. With children of their own, they understand every parents desire to want the best for their children. Through daily monitoring, we, as a leadership group, are responsible for the safety, learning, development and nurturing of the children in our care. We take pride in how we manage the Nursery to ensure that we deliver the highest standard of service at every stage of children’s development journey. We have a qualified, skilled, motivated and friendly team here at Southwark where we are willing to go above and beyond in ensuring the children here can move on to be positive contributors to society, yes even at their tiny ages!

We aim to develop and cater to each child’s Biological, Psychological and Social needs for them to become well rounded individuals to give them the very best start to their educational life. We push to ensure children understand the world around them and celebrate all backgrounds, traditions and cultural events throughout the year. We are in the business of thinking about the future and that is no difference to how we operate, with minimal plastic used and vegetarian/ vegan meals available, we want to do our bit for the planet. Whatever your beliefs or values, everyone is welcome at Banana Moon Southwark.

If you live or work in this great city, we would love to take care of your child and give you the peace of mind you need whilst you take on what London life throws at you. We are very accessible, a short walk away from London Bridge and Borough Underground stations.
I love Banana Moon Southwark and my son loves it too!
Following a move last summer to London, our family had a lot to adjust too - especially my then 3-year-old son. But I have not had to worry a single day that he has been at Banana Moon. My son is always happy to be there and loves telling me about the activities they got up to in the day. I have been extremely happy with the progress my son has made in the year he has attended.

Even at home, he speaks about how lovely the staff are and how much he enjoys his days at the nursery. His development in all areas has improved and I couldn't be happier. The only sad part about it is that our children have to grow up and move onto school. But I would recommend Banana Moon to anybody who is looking for a nurturing, caring and inspiring nursery where your child can thrive! Even throughout this pandemic Banana Moon have kept me up to date and been very informative every step of the way.
Sharna C
Our son attended the nursery from ten months old until it was closed for lockdown when he was just over two. Sadly weve now moved away from the area so he wont be able to attend again but I can not recommend this nursery highly enough.

They care about the children so much and the days were always filled with a wide range of activities from cooking, to messy play, Spanish lessons, yoga and sport. Our son absolutely loved going in and the development he made from being there was huge. We’re now trying to find a new nursery where we live and so far nothing compares to Banana Moon. I will always be very thankful that we found this place when we did.
On a side note, I would also like to mention that we viewed the nursery before it was taken over by the current manager and we weren’t nearly as impressed. She has really transformed it into the wonderful setting it is now and is a huge reason that we loved it so much. Thank you to the manager and all your team.
Our child has attended Banana Moon for nine months since the age of one, most recently full time. He's our first child and had never spent much time away from a parent so we were quite nervous about starting nursery but he settled in well and enjoys his time there. We are really happy with the nursery and with his development since starting - he has become a lot more confident and comfortable around people. The staff are friendly and caring.

Some things I liked about Banana Moon's baby room compared to other local nurseries that I visited is that it takes fewer children and has a separate sleeping room with cots.
The nursery doesn't have its own outdoor space, however, the children visit a nearby park every day so get regular time outdoors. There are lots of activities and messy play.
Katherine S


We are confident you will appreciate our nursery, its setting and facilities. Should you wish to visit we are available at any time to meet with you. Any comments or input from parents are always welcome.

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We are confident you will appreciate our nursery, its setting and facilities. Should you wish to visit, we are available at any time to meet with you. Any comments or input from parents are always welcome.

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We are open 7.30am - 6.30pm


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